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  • Accuris Fast Extraction PCR Kit

    The Accuris Fast Extraction PCR Kit offers exceptional versatility and can be used to extract and amplify DNA from a wide range of sample types

    Compatible with animal tissue, plant, saliva, & bacterial samples

    Extraction & Amplification in less than 60 minutes

    Includes High Fidelity Hot Start Red Dye Master Mix to prevent the risk of nonspecific amplification & to visualize bands easily

    Process extracted sample via PCR with included mastermix

    Alternatively amplify via qPCR (qPCR mastermix not included



    The Accuris Fast Extraction PCR Kit features an exclusive single-tube solution that extracts genomic DNA in just 8 minutes. This is swiftly followed by PCR amplification utilizing our Hot Start Red Dye Master Mix, designed for superior endpoint PCR performance. Hot Start Red Dye Master Mix is a 2X formula that incorporates a non-reactive red dye, enabling direct gelloading.

    This kit offers versatility to suit different workflows: the PCR prepared genomic DNA can be directly used in endpoint PCR, or can be applied in real-time PCR using either SYBR Green or TaqMan Probe chemistries.

    Each 100 reaction kit includes:

    •  1 tube of High Fidelity Hot Start Red Dye Master Mix (1.25mL)
    • 1 tube of Fast Extraction Lysis Solution (1.25mL)

    Applications:  Extraction & Amplification of Tissue, Plant, Saliva, &

    Ordering Information:

    PR1400-FE-SAccuris Fast Extraction PCR Kit Sample 16 reactions
    PR1400-FE-100Accuris Fast Extraction PCR Kit 100 reactions
    PR1400-FE-400Accuris Fast Extraction PCR Kit 400 reactions
    PR1400-FLS-SAccuris Fast Extraction Lysis Solution 16 reactions
    PR1400-FLS-100Accuris Fast Extraction Lysis Solution 100 reactions
    PR1400-FLS-400Accuris Fast Extraction Lysis Solution 400 reactions
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