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  • SmartReader UV-Vis

    The Accuris SmartReader™ UV-Vis Microplate Readers (models MR9610 and MR9611) have been designed with ease-of-use and fast results in mind. These instruments brings extensive capabilities to the lab bench and are designed for the busy lab with multiple users. A large touch screen command center is extremely user-friendly and allows for fast set up of new protocols, as well as modifying and running existing protocols.

    • Intuitive, 10-inch color touch screen control panel
    • Accepts both 96 & 384-well plates
    • Monochromator-based system
      • No filters required
      • Wavelength range from 200 to 1000 nm
    • Stand-alone design
      • No PC or special software required
      • USB port for flash drive data transfer
    • MR9611 model includes a port for standard cuvette spectroscopy


    Accuris SmartReader UV-Vis
    Plates Accepted
    96-well and 384-well flat bottom (cuvettes accepted in MR9611 model)
    10-inch color touch screen
    Touch screen and mouse
    Light Source
    Xenon Flash Lamp
    Wavelength range
    Wavelength Precision
    ± 2 nm
    Wavelength Accuracy
     ± 2 nm
    Wavelength selection
    Read-out range
    0 – 4.0 OD
    Dual silicon photoelectric detectors for measurement and reference
    Linearity  @ 450nm
    R2 ≥ 0.999, [0.0 – 3.0]
    Accuracy  @ 450nm
    1.0% + 0.003 Abs (0 – 2.0]
    2.0% (2.0 – 2.5 Abs]
    CV < 0.5% or SD<0.003 (Precision mode); CV < 1.0% (Fast mode)
    < 0.005A , (0.0 – 2.0]
    < 2%   (2.0 – 2.5 Abs)
    Measurement speed
    96 well plate:  <6 seconds (fast mode); <25 seconds (precision mode)
     384 well plate: <74 seconds (only precision mode available for 384)
    Plate shaking
    Linear; three levels of shaking speed
    From ambient + 5℃to 45℃
    Temperature Uniformity
    ± 0.5℃ @ 37℃
    16G memory, more than 10,000 test records can be stored
    Connection Ports
    3 USB ports, for PC, printer and USB-flash drive
    Power supply
    DC24V  6.5A
    300×500×260mm / 11.8 x 19.7 x 10.25 inches
    15.5kg / 34 Lbs

    Monochromator technology … no filters needed

    The monochromator-based optical system allows for precise selection of wavelengths from 200nm to 1000nm, with no filters required. This range makes the SmartReader UV-Vis™ useful not only for typical ELISA , Bradford Lowry, and turbidity assays but also for more advanced applications such as quantitation of nucleic acids and proteins. The SmartReader™ UV-Vis can be set for Endpoint, Kinetic and Spectral Scanning assays.

    High Throughput Capability

    The MR9610 is designed for efficient processing of multiple samples and
    accepts standard 96 well plates as well as 384 well plates for high density
    screening. The plate layout interface allows for a quick and intuitive setup of a plate well’s contents. Users can highlight and label multiple wells to save time. The display shows a graphical representation of the plate. Users can label each well as required for: “known standard”, “unknown sample”, “blank well” , “QC Control well”, “positive control”, “negative control”, and “empty”.

    Optimized results with plate shaking and incubation

    Controllable plate shaking and incubation allow for optimization of assay results. The shaking speed can be controlled at different intensities with options for timed and pulsed shaking before a reading, or in between readings when performing a kinetic assay. The linear motion efficiently and uniformly mixes all samples in both 96 and 384 well plates. Temperature can be controlled from ambient +5⁰C up to 45⁰C, allowing for the processing of enzyme kinetics, and bacterial growth assays.

    SmartDrop™ Accessory Plate

    Absorbance measurements of exceptionally small volumes (<0.5ul) can be achieved using the SmartDrop™ Accessory Plate. The SmartDrop™ plate accommodates up to 16 samples and is ideal for checking nucleic acid concentrations and purity for Next Gen Sequencing, or protein concentrations.



    Ordering Information:

    Order No.Description
    MR9610 SmartReader™ UV-Vis Microplate Absorbance Reader, 115V
    MR9610-ESmartReader™ UV-Vis Microplate Absorbance Reader, 230V
    MR9611SmartReader™ UV-Vis Microplate Absorbance Reader with Cuvette Port, 115V
    MR9611-ESmartReader™ UV-Vis Microplate Absorbance Reader with Cuvette Port, 230V
    MR9610-SDPSmartDrop Accessory Plate
    MR9610-PCSmartReader™ UV-Vis PC Software

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