Scientific publications with citations of the Accuris SmartReader™ 96.


Accuris Instruments and Accuris Reagents are being used for critical research studies around the globe at some of the most prestigious universities and institutions, as well as at public and private Life Science and Pharma companies.  Our popular SmartReader™ 96 has been cited in numerous papers, published in respected scientific journals.  The following is an abbreviated list of published papers where our SmartReader™ 96 was used during the research.


Phenolic content and antioxidant activity of Ophiocordyceps Sobolifera extract for renal injury prevention

TT Van Thi, T Van Khoa, TT Minh, NDG Chau, TT Kiet… – Process Biochemistry, 2022

… Accuris MR9600-TE – SmartReader 96 Microplate Absorbance Reader was
applied to determine Malondialdehyde (MDA) levels. … The absorbance of the
supernatants was read at 532 nm using Accuris SmartReader 96 microplate …


Circulating total and intact GDF-15 levels are not altered in response to weight loss induced by liraglutide or lorcaserin treatment in humans with obesity

L Valenzuela-Vallejo, P Chrysafi, J Bello-Ramos… – Metabolism, 2022

… The Accuris™ SmartReader96 microplate absorbance reader model MR9600-T
(Edison, NJ, US) was used for fluorescence detection. All ELISA assays were performed
in the Mantzoros Laboratory, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston, MA. …


Sustained Hyperglycemia and Its Relationship with the Outcome of Hospitalized Patients with Severe COVID-19: Potential Role of ACE2 Upregulation

Jose R. Vargas-Rodriguez, José J. Valdés Aguayo, Idalia Garza-Veloz …,  2022 – MDPI

… and a color change measured at 590 nm in a Smartreader 96 spectrophotometer (Accuris Instruments, Edison, NJ, USA). The cytotoxicity after glucose treatment was measured by using the following formula


Macrophage-derived Wnt signaling increases endothelial permeability during skeletal muscle injury

S Tusavitz, S Keoonela, M Kalkstein, S McCormick… – Inflammation …, 2020 – Springer

… Absorbance of the solution was read at 610 nm on an Accuris Instruments SmartReader™ 96.
VEGF ELISA … After 24 h, 100 µl of conditioned cell culture medium were subjected to VEGF ELISA
that was measured on an Accuris Instruments SmartReader™ 96 at 450 nm …


LncRNA ELF3-AS1 is involved in the regulation of oral squamous cell carcinoma cell proliferation by reprogramming glucose metabolism

H Chu, Z Li, Z Gan, Z Yang, Z Wu… – OncoTargets and …, 2019 –

… into each well at 2 hrs before cell collection. Finally, OD (450 nm) values were
measured using SmartReader 96 Microplate Absorbance Reader for 96 Well Plate
(Alkali Scientific, USA) to reflect cell proliferation. Western blot …


Discovery of novel anti-cryptosporidial activities from natural products by in vitro high-throughput phenotypic screening

Z Jin, J Ma, G ZhuH Zhang – Frontiers in microbiology, 2019 –

… The plates were measured for absorbance at 490 nm in 15 min intervals in a SmartReader 96
microplate reader (Accuris, Edison, NJ, United States). Cytotoxicity of a compound was quantified
by calculating the half maximal toxic concentration on host cells (TC 50 ) …


LncRNA DCST1-AS1 Sponges miR-107 to Upregulate CDK6 in Cervical Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Z Zhou, N Xia – Cancer Management and Research, 2020 –

… Cells were collected at 24, 48, 72 and 96 h post-transfection. After cell collection,
OD values were measured at 450 nM using Accuris SmartReader 96 Microplate
Reader following the manufacturer’s instructions. MTT Assay …


Analysis and Anticancer Effects of Active Compounds from Spatholobi Caulis in Human Breast Cancer Cells

HM Phung, H Lee, S Lee, D JangCE Kim, KS Kang… – Processes, 2020 –

… The OD 450 per well was measured by using an ELISA reader (Accuris SmartReader 96;
Benchmark Scientific, Edison, NJ, USA), and cell viability was presented as a proportion
relative to the survivability of non-treated cells. 2.7. Nuclear Staining …


Prox1 is essential for oligodendrocyte survival and regulates oligodendrocyte apoptosis via the regulation of NOXA

W Chang, J Teng – Acta biochimica et biophysica Sinica, 2018 –

… Cell growth was determined using an MTT assay. In brief, 10 μl of MTT reagent (Life Technologies)
was added to each well, and the absorbance was measured at 570 nm by using SmartReader
96 Microplate Absorbance Reader (Thomas Scientific, Swedesboro, USA) …


Comparative Activity of Six Recombinant Stilbene Synthases in Yeast for Resveratrol Production

N Villa-Ruano, A Rivera, E Rubio-Rosas… – Applied Sciences, 2020 –

… Ten replicates were done for each strain assayed using the optimal concentration
of p-coumaric acid (70 mg L −1 ). OD 600 was determined with an ELISA plate reader
(SmartReader™ 96) in order to calculate cell proliferation …


Deltamethrin resistance in Chagas disease vectors colonizing oil palm plantations: implications for vector control strategies in a public health-agriculture …

JM CalderónP Fuya, L Santacoloma, C González – Parasites & vectors, 2020 – Springer

… for MFO assays. The homogenate was placed in wells of a flat-bottom microplate
in duplicate and the absorbance was measured in a SmartReader 96 micro- plate
reader (Benchmark Scientific, Sayreville, USA). Alpha- and β …


The anticancer and antioxidant effects of muscadine grape extracts on racially different triple-negative breast cancer cells

P Mendonca, AG DarwishV Tsolova… – Anticancer …, 2019 –

… compounds was determined according to the Folin-Ciocalteu colorimetric method (35) with slight
modification for the application in 96 microplates … into each well, and the absorbance was
measured at λ=630 nm with the microplate reader ACCURIS SmartReader (Edison, NJ …


Pyrolytic oils from Amphipterygium adstringens bark inhibit IL-8 production of IL-17-stimulated HaCaT keratinocytes

R Esquivel-GarcíaM AyianiaN Abu-Lail… – Journal of Analytical and …, 2020 – Elsevier

… R&D Systems, Minneapolis, MN, USA) (1 mg/mL in PBS) was added to each well with fresh
medium and incubated for 4 h at 37 °C. Formazan crystals were dissolved with 0.2 mL of acidic
isopropanol and absorbances were read at 570 nm with an Accuris SmartReader 96 …


Antioxidant and Antimicrobial activities of MEOH Extract of Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)

HM HassanMA Aboel-Ainin, SK Ali… – Journal of Agricultural …, 2021 –

… Briefly, 15 μl of diluted samples were placed into wells of 96-well micro- plates (GS,
USA).Consequently, 240 μl of Folin was added and left for half an hour in … The absorbance was
measured at λ=755 nm with the micro-plate reader ACCURIS Smart Reader (Edison, NJ, USA) …


Physalis peruviana juice and seeds methanolic extracts; gas chromatography mass spectrometry; antioxidant and anticancer against human A549, HepG2

AG Darwish, ES Shaker – Pharmacognosy Magazine, 2021 –

… microplates. Briefly, 15 μl of diluted samples was placed into wells of 96-well microplates
(GS, USA) … concentrations. The absorbance was measured at λ = 755 nm with the
microplate reader ACCURIS Smart Reader (Edison, NJ, USA) …


Nutritional Properties and Antioxidant Activity of Seven Sweet Potato Cultivars and Clones (Ipomoea batatas L.)

S Ahmed, A DarwishM Aboel-Ainin – Scientific Journal of …, 2020 –

… Briefly, 15 μl of diluted samples were placed into wells of 96– well micro- plates (GS ,
USA).Consequently, 240 μl of Folin was added and left for half an hour in … The absorbance was
measured at λ=755 nm with the micro-plate reader ACCURIS Smart Reader (Edison, NJ, USA) …


Inhibitory activity on cholinesterases produced by aryl-phthalimide derivatives: green synthesis, in silico and in vitro evaluation

O Ruiz-Maciel, II Padilla-Martínez… – Medicinal Chemistry …, 2020 – Springer

… After adding 100 μL of FeCl 3 solution to each well and premixing for 30 s, the optical
density was read at 540 nm in a microplate reader (Accuris MR9600). With the
corresponding values, the standard curve for BuCh was built …


The effect of malaria-induced serum tumor necrosis factor-alpha on epiphyseal bone formation of rats

AA BrownL Derkyi-Kwarteng… – Acta Medica …, 2020 –

… The optical density of each well was determined using the Accuris microplate reader
MR9600 (Accuris Instruments, USA). Serum TNF-α concentrations were automatically
calculated using the microplate reader in picograms per milliliter …

Evaluations of rationally designed rift valley fever vaccine candidate RVax-1 in mosquito and rodent models – Ikegami, T., Jurado-Cobena, E., Alkan, C. et al. Evaluations of rationally designed rift valley fever vaccine candidate RVax-1 in mosquito and rodent models. npj Vaccines 7, 109 (2022).

After washing three times with PBS-T, wells were incubated with HRP-conjugated anti-mouse IgG (Santa Cruz Biotech) at 37 °C for 1 hr, followed by washing with PBS-T four times. At 30 min after adding ABTS solution (Sigma-Aldrich), the optical density (OD) at 405 nm was measured by Accuris SmartReader 96 (Accuris Instruments). Cut-off value of IgG ELISA was determined by geometric mean + 2x standard deviations of OD values of 12 normal sera per ELISA plate.


Sex differences in endurance exercise capacity and skeletal muscle lipid metabolism in mice

LE Holcomb, P Rowe, CC O’Neill, EA DeWitt… – Physiological Reports, 2022

… Absorbance values were measured on a spectrophotometer (Smartreader 96,
Accuris Instruments, Edison, NJ). Concentrations were determined from a calibration
curve with commercially available standards obtained from the manufacturer. …